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Note: Results for current elections are not available from this page. 


Election Results are available for the following elections:

 2016  2014  2012  2010  2008  2007
 2006  2005  2004  2003  2002  2000
 1998  1997  1996  1995  1994  1993

(Results from before the February 4, 1992 Municipal Primary Election are available in Leon County Supervisor of Elections office. They will not be posted on the web.)

Past Samples

 Sample Ballots
 Local Initiative Petition Sample 

Past Information

 Past Election Dates
 Specific Referendums

Leon County Precinct Information

Our Precinct Numbers consist of four digit numbers where:

  • The first digit reflects the County Commission district.
  • The second digit reflects the School Board district.
  • The last two digits reflect a City or County precinct, with a number below "50" being within Tallahassee city limits, and above "50" being outside Tallahassee city limits

For Example: 1361 (Woodville Community Center) is in County Commission District "1", School Board District "3", and is outside Tallahassee City Limits via "61"

Demographic Turnout Report Information

Our Demographic Turnout Reports DO NOT match up with the precincts listed in our Election Results. Many of our precincts are grouped up for election voting purposes, due to having several small precincts.

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